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R&D Control Engineer

Company description

Modelway is a software engineering company, expert in innovative Data-Driven solutions and non-linear control techniques based on machine-learning methods. Our mission is to enhance the control performances, exploiting the experimental data available in a system. We operate as R&D and innovation suppliers for several international companies in automotive, factory 4.0,...
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Modelway among key players in Virtual Sensors Market

Modelway is mentioned among the key players in Virtual Sensors Market according to the 2019 Global Virtual Sensors Market Analysis published by Research & Markets.

The Global Virtual Sensors market is expected to reach $2,1 bn by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 29.8% during 2019 to 2026. Virtual sensing techniques are also known as...

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Modelway is very proud to announce that his project “SKIDLESS – Enhancing car drivers’ safety through a sideslip-angle-based Electronic Stability Control system” submitted under the Horizon 2020’s Sme Instrument was scored as a High-quality project proposal.

It's a real honour for Modelway to receive this Seal of Excellence from the European Commission.


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