About Us

Combining Data and Engineering

Our Philosophy

Modelway creates innovative solutions to cope with complex systems. We aim to foster the technological transfer from academic research to industry, becoming a reference point for R&D activities of our customers. By following a leading-edge path we supply customers many flexible, cost-effective and high-tech solutions.

How we Work

Customers present us a challenge and Modelway’s engineering team starts to find a specific solution, applying a systematic approach based on our innovative technologies, resident know-how and project experience.
Our team is driven by passion for technological excellence and for innovation. We want to be effectively close to our customers and be able to help them to achieve their goals.

Company History

In 2004 Professor Mario Milanese founded Modelway at the Turin Polytechnic’s incubator, I3P. After 18 years of market experience working on projects ranging from automotive to power generation, rail and environment, Modelway joined Bluethink in 2022, combining its innovative approach to modeling and control of complex systems with an extensive offer of product development services.