Induction Hob Temperature Estimation

Case Studies Induction Hob Temperature Estimation Technology Purpose Cooking food temperature estimation to optimize hob power level and energy consumption. Value DVS® technology is implemented to find the real time correlation between known hob parameters and food temperature. The algorithm provides the boiling detection as well. Sectors # Virtual Sensing# Non-Linear Modeling# System Optimization# Energy […]

Antibiotic Susceptibility

Case Studies Antibiotic Susceptibility Technology Purpose Antibiotic susceptibility verification based on the real-time measurement of nano-motion of fast and slow growing bacteria. Value DVS® technology is used to perform a systematic data-driven approach to identify the bacteria susceptibility level monitoring the effectiveness of the drug. Sectors # Virtual Sensing# Artificial Intelligence# Machine Learning# Simulation and […]

IT Data Center Decarbonization

Case Studies IT Data Center Decarbonization Technology Purpose Energy consumption optimization of a High-Performance Computer (HPC). Value DVS® technology allows the rack node energy estimation. The estimates are used by an optimization routine that defines step by step the best actions to perform (node switch off policy, thermal aware job scheduling policy, …) to find […]

Rolling Stock Predictive Maintenance

Case Studies Rolling Stock Predictive Maintenance Technology Purpose Translate the railway big amount of data in useful information for predictive maintenance and decision making. Value A predictive maintenance tool based on DVS® technology exploits the big amount of data allowing anomaly detection and operations maintenance optimization to reduce the intervention times and costs. Sectors # […]