Building Thermal Comfort

Case Studies Building Thermal Comfort Technology Purpose Optimal management of multi–actuator systems for energy saving and efficiency. Value NOSEM® technology is used to accurately model the thermal system while the STC® control approach optimizes the actuators coordination to improve the energy efficiency. Sectors # Models and Simulations# Non-Linear Modeling# Self-Tuning Controls# Digital Twin# Building Automation# […]

Induction Hob Temperature Estimation

Case Studies Induction Hob Temperature Estimation Technology Purpose Cooking food temperature estimation to optimize hob power level and energy consumption. Value DVS® technology is implemented to find the real time correlation between known hob parameters and food temperature. The algorithm provides the boiling detection as well. Sectors # Virtual Sensing# Non-Linear Modeling# System Optimization# Energy […]

Rolling Stock Predictive Maintenance

Case Studies Rolling Stock Predictive Maintenance Technology Purpose Translate the railway big amount of data in useful information for predictive maintenance and decision making. Value A predictive maintenance tool based on DVS® technology exploits the big amount of data allowing anomaly detection and operations maintenance optimization to reduce the intervention times and costs. Sectors # […]

Machinery Temperature Estimation

Case Studies Machinery Temperature Estimation Technology Purpose Development of a virtual sensor (DVS®) in order to provide nonlinear temperature compensation for inline measuring system, applied on high-speed machining for ballscrew production. This kind of compensation is needed to estimate the pitch and P.C.D. ballscrew measurements at ambient temperature. The required real-time measurement are temperature of […]