Air Boost Pressure

Case Studies Air Boost Pressure Technology Purpose Development of a non linear MIMO air boost pressure control system for Turbocharged Internal Combustion Engines. The data used for STC® design are measured from the tests used for evaluating engine dynamics. Value Systematic design of an integrated feedback MIMO control for EGR and VGT actuators.This solutions allows […]

Brake By Wire

Case Studies Brake by Wire Technology Purpose Development of a control to provide position control of linear electric actuators for brake by wire application. The STC® technology performs an automatic procedure to compute the control parameters from experimental data. The control robustness and the rejection of band disturbances have to be guaranteed for the series […]

Lane Keeping ADAS

Case Studies Lane Keeping ADAS Technology Purpose Design of a feedback lane keeping control system allowing the driver to have the complete control of the vehicle lateral dynamics when acting on the steering wheel. The lane keeping control required EPS, vision system and steering torque sensor. Value The lane keeping control is always operating, i.e. […]