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Data Scientist

Company Description

Modelway is a software engineering company, expert in AI Solutions, New Generation Control System and Numerical Optimization.

By exploiting the data of a system, our mission is to develop and engineer software solutions in the world of engineering such as virtual sensors, prediction algorithms, digital twins, data analytics, deep learning, controls, and optimizations.

We operate as R&D and innovation suppliers for several companies in automotive, railway, energy and industry 4.0.

Who are we looking for

Modelway is looking for passionate talented Data Scientist with background in Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

The profile we are interested in, is a flexible person with a good knowledge of AI to face the industry challenges.

If you have these interests, Modelway could be a challenging opportunity for you.


  • Project requirements definition and literature analysis
  • Data processing, data labeling and augmentation, dataset creation
  • Design, improve and test machine learning and deep learning solutions to achieve the goal
  • Software and interface release management by Dash and Pyplot


  • Background and experience in machine learning, deep learning and computer vision
  • Ability to develop experimental and analytic plans for data modelling processes
  • Good organization level and strong attention to detail
  • Master’s degree in computer science or STEM
  • Good knowledge of Python and related libraries (Keras, Tensorflow, …)
  • Good knowledge of Dash and Pyplot
  • Fluent English and team working willingness


  • Big Data Cloud Computing management (AWS, Azure,…)
  • Big Data Analytics and Data Engineer
  • Knowledge C/C++ and Matlab