Integrating AI and Engineering

We are a team of engineers and data scientists committed to help our clients dealing with complexity.

We believe our AI applied to engineering approach allows higher performances and remarkably reduce time to market

Model-thinkers are world-class software professionals: an excellent academic background, the ability to conceptualize challenges by identifying key information, and an aptitude for crossing boundaries between market sectors are the values we bring to our projects.

Our Technologies

Modelway developed proprietary technologies allowing a systematic approach to modeling, estimation and control of complex systems driven from experimental data

Virtual Sensing

Thanks to our DVS® technology based on an innovative data driven approach, our customers can create the product they dream of. DVS® approach is applicable in a wide range of industries and applications.​

Models and Predictions

In case of systems where physical laws are unknown or too complex to be modeled, NOSEM® technology reduces time and cost of design.​

New Generation Controls STC

STC® technology allows to design directly from the experimental data the parameters for automatic controls applied to complex and highly non-linear systems.

Advanced Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing large volumes of data to extract hidden information, find trends and answer questions, using standard statistical and AI Technologies.

Together with our partners we combine AI and Engineering


Our outstanding team of engineers and data scientists have experience in a wide range of industries. Thanks to our innovative data driven approach, our customers can create the product they dream of.


Digitization is a trend of increasingly importance in the automotive industry. The ability to analyze big data to derive real-time relevant information to adapt the system to mission needs is key to success.​

IT Infrastructure

Reducing the environmental impact of data centers is critical to the success of the energy transition.


Extensive IoT networks dealing with highly non-linear problems can be an issue for IT managers. Big data analysis combined with our innovative approach can be the answer.


The rise of connected healthcare devices is enabling more effective and individualized treatment pathways. Machine learning techniques, computer vision and self-tuning controls can make the difference in effectiveness and customization of care.

Home Appliances

Consumers want connected appliances integrated seamlessly into the consumers’ daily routines. Thanks to computer vision and machine learning techniques, appliances will cook our food more precisely and quickly making it easier for consumers to prepare perfect healthy meals.

Energy and Environment

Emerging paradigms in the energy industry and in the development of innovative fuel-based power generation require an innovative approach to combustion and emissions control. The alarming effects of global warming are pushing industries towards the ambitious goal of eliminating any carbon emission from their industrial facilities.


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