Antibiotic Susceptibility

Case Studies Antibiotic Susceptibility Technology Purpose Antibiotic susceptibility verification based on the real-time measurement of nano-motion of fast and slow growing bacteria. Value DVS® technology is used to perform a systematic data-driven approach to identify the bacteria susceptibility level monitoring the effectiveness of the drug. Sectors # Virtual Sensing# Artificial Intelligence# Machine Learning# Simulation and […]

Air Boost Control for Turbocharged Engines

Case Studies Air Boost Control for Turbocharged Engines Technology Purpose Development of a non-linear air boost pressure control for turbocharged internal combustion engines. Value STC® technology allows a systematic design of a non-linear Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) control for EGR and VGT actuators. Control performance is improved reducing both the design and the calibration […]

Data Analytics

Case Studies Data Analytics Technology AI Purpose On-line vehicles and fleet analysis for early issues identification and root cause analysis. Value AI Data Analytics allows the engineers to identify potentially dangerous variables and perform root cause analysis. Deep Learning Correlation Analysis & Unsupervised Data Mining show system correlations quickly. Sectors # Data Analytics# Deep Learning# […]

Atmospheric Pollution Predictions

Case Studies Atmospheric Pollution Predictions Technology Purpose Development of a model for prediction of atmospheric pollution is important for supporting local authorities in pollution control and prevention. NOSEM® technology has been applied to the prediction of the daily concentration peak of OZONE and PM10. Prediction has been performed on experimental time series measured in the […]