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R&D Control Engineer

Company description

Modelway is a software engineering company, expert in innovative Data-Driven solutions and non-linear control techniques based on machine-learning methods. Our mission is to enhance the control performances, exploiting the experimental data available in a system. We operate as R&D and innovation suppliers for several international companies in automotive, factory 4.0,...
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Ora bisogna investire in ingegneria

Interessante articolo dell’inserto “L’Economia” del Corriere della Sera che evidenzia come la nuova rivoluzione tecnologica sarà guidata dal deep tech, l’innovazione tecnologia ingegneristica. Modelway è all’avanguardia nello sviluppo di tecnologie innovative data-driven e nell’integrazione tra Artificial Intelligence ed ingegneria on the edge.

Project Manager AI/ML

Company Description

Modelway is a fast growing Software engineering company, expert in innovative machine-learning methods to perform "Data-Fusion" for engineering applications. Our mission is to make available critical information in a system, exploiting the available experimental data and improving the system control, diagnostic and prognostic. We operate as open innovation...

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